Why 343 have got the weapon balancing the wrong way round.


If you haven’t seen the Halo Bulletin about weapon balancing, then you can view it here, http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/04/17/The-Halo-Bulletin-41713.aspx.

Now, before I start, I’d like to make it clear that 343 have stated this is not their final decision on the weapon balancing, so please bear that in mind. However, I do believe this is the road they will take and I believe it is wrong for the reasons outlined below.

In the article, they start off by saying the DMR is going to remain as is, and I quote “Looking at the DMR, we currently feel that the kill time should remain unchanged, as the weapon has become a clear favorite amongst the community due to its reliability and consistency”.

However, as is patently clear, the issue is with the DMR being over-powered, so why choose to buff almost every other weapon to bring it in-line with the DMR. In my argument below I will outline a very simple method of nerfing the DMR that would cause minimal upset to those that like it, while making it much more balanced.

The issue with buffing almost every other weapon is that this greatly adds to the complexity of the change and interactions between the weapons. A simple nerf to the DMR would mitigate against all this extra balancing work, for example, 343 are suggesting they have to change the LR, BR, Carbine, AR, Supressor and SR. This will take some work to get everything balanced. Furthermore, it will mean the player having to get used to 6 weapons handling differently instead of 1.

Now, on to my proposed solution. Nerf the DMRs aim assist/bullet magnetism. I’m not sure which of these 2 if not both need nerfing, but it should be changed such that it handles aiming wise like the LR. How many people have ever said the LR is overpowered, hardly any, and that’s because it’s harder to use.

If the DMR is nerfed in this way, the RoF does not change, nor does the time to kill, so there is barely any adjustment required. This will keep existing DMR users happy, not to mention anyone complaining will basically be saying, “I can’t aim straight”. Casual players probably won’t even notice anything has changed, they’ll probably just think their aim is a bit off.

Buffing the other weapon is not the solution. If we take the proposed aim assist buff for the LR. This will just create another mini sniper, and cause the same issues we have with the DMR and stifle map movement, only potentially worse on large maps due to the time to kill when zoomed.

Having said all that, I do agree that the carbine needs a 1 shot buff. Oh yeah, and aim assist needs to come off the Beam Rifle when descoped.

So in conclusion, change 2 weapons, the DMR and the Carbine and the community will be much happier as a whole, the change will be much simpler to implement, and the risk of causing other weapons to become unbalanced is reduced.